Behind the scenes


Transform moments, emotions and experiences into
souvenirs that withstand the test of time.


Share and unite the world through souvenirs which
incorporate memories and tell stories of travels.


We surprise our clients: To generate a positive
impact in the hearts of the people we love.

We cherish diversity: Be open-minded. Be different.
Take a break from daily life.

Nostalgia: We honour tradition, we are the
compliment to virtuality.

Culture: We believe in bringing different cultures together
and we are passionate about learning from them.


Who does not love to travel? Seeing new places and making new experiences is just wonderful. This feeling of freedom is something we never get enough of. So it is understandable that we want to guard this feeling and bring it home as a souvenir.
Whenever we look at it, it takes us back to those great places.

When travelling the world we do not only see beautiful places. It is ashaming to see how recklessly we humans treat our earth sometimes. Single use items and non sustainable material do great harm to our environment.

When our founder moved to Medellin, Colombia to become a great salsa dancer, he could not find any beautiful and sustainable souvenirs to send home. That is why we took it in our hands to use sustainable and recycable materials for everything at SOUVENIRCLUB. Treat yourself or your loved ones with our products and join the SOUVENIRCLUB!
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